Destination Shanghai

16 / Януари / 2020

Destination Shanghai

Shanghai is a major port city and the modern financial hub of China with its newly constructed Pudong Economic Development Zone. In addition, Shanghai offers a blend of East and West from its past as a major commercial port, and from its metamorphosis into a modern, dynamic, and international metropolis.

The Bund, which stretches for a mile along the Huangpu River, is China's most illustrious waterfront. It was once known as the "Wall Street of Asia." The Bund is lined with buildings from the 1930 era. One of the most elegant building is the Peace Hotel, which towers over the harbor and offers a spectacular view. Along the Bund is a waterfront park, which is a popular gathering spot of Chinese of all ages and foreign visitors. Side streets running off the Bund offer quaint 1920 and 1930 style shops and restaurants.

Nanjing Road is considered the "Fifth Avenue" of Shanghai. Along the road, there are designer boutiques from around the world, restaurants featuring cuisine from around the globe, gift boutiques, and extravagant night clubs. The Road is a shopper's paradise. At night the city comes alive with its brilliantly colored light effects and advertisements. The city hustles and bustles indicative of a city, which has been ushered into the new millennium.

For a sample of Shanghai's past, the Jade Buddha Temple is a splendid example. Two of China's msot famous jade Buddhas are on display in the Temple. Each Buddha was carved from a single piece of white jade. One of the Buddhas was carved in a reclining position, which is very rare.

The Yuyuan Garden is a 16th century garden and one of the finest examples of Ming Dynasty landscaping. The Garden is a living painting of colorful pavilions, ponds, stone dragons, arching trees, and blossoming shrubs. The Garden is famous for its zigzag bridge.

The landmark of Shanghai, which is clearly visible from every sector in Shanghai, is the Oriental Pearl Television Tower. It is the tallest television tower in Asia. It stands 468 meters high. One can ascend the tower and have a spectacular view of Shanghai. At night, the tower is colorfully lit and stands as a symbol of Shanghai's prominence and modernity.