8 Day Shanghai Region 5 City Journey

8 Day Shanghai Region 5 City Journey

Discover Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, and Hangzhou (Land-Only Tour Package)
If Beijing is the cultural capital of China, then Shanghai is its cosmopolitan alter ego. With lights that rival those of Times Square, a skyline that could have been transported from outer space, and restaurants that have perfected the art of making soup dumplings, Shanghai is the city that screams modern and perfection. With streets that clatter of high-heeled women and sharply-dressed men, it’s hard to believe that just outside this city lie some of Asia’s most beautiful and serene gardens and lakes.

The 8-Day Shanghai Region Journey brings you through the scenic and sensory diversity of this region with the following sites. Want a sneak peak of sights of Shanghai? Watch this YouTube video by MadePossible.

City God Temple
The Bund
Nanjing Road
Master of the Nets Garden
Suzhou Embroidery Institute
Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum
Silk Fashion Show
Confucius Temple Street
Yangtze River Bridge
Lake Tai
Li Garden West Lake
Meijiawu Dragon Well Tea Garden
Old China Street
What's Included / Not Included?
Included    Not Included
7 nights accommodations at 5-star hotel    International & domestic airfare and luggage fees
17 meals listed in itinerary    Visa and passport fees
Transfers between airport and hotel (specific times)    Personal expenses
Air-conditioned sightseeing bus with experienced licensed driver    Gratuities: typically $10 per traveler/per day
Professional English-speaking tour guides    Optional activities and meals not included in itinerary
Entrance fees to included sightseeing venues    Additional hotel nights: $100/pp/pn for single occupancy, $50/pp/pn for double occupancy
China travel liability insurance    
Taxes for tour package    

This tour begins every week on Mondays. Prices are quoted in USD per person per tour.

Day 1, Monday - Relax
Meet your personal local guide before relaxing and enjoying your first evening in Shanghai. We recommend arriving on Monday between 2PM-10PM local time, so we can provide you with free airport-hotel transfer. Outside of these hours, we recommend taking a taxi which is very convenient.

Day 2, Tuesday - Shanghai & Suzhou
After breakfast, perambulate through Shanghai Chenghuang Miao (or the City God Temple of Shanghai), which to this day forms the core of old Shanghai. The City God Temple not only refers to the large temple complex, but also to the traditional district of commerce in the city. There are over a hundred stores and shops in this area to choose from, most of which have stood the test of time for over a century. Next, stroll down The Bund. The Bund stood at the heart of colonial Shanghai and is flanked on one side by the Huangpu River and on the other by the hotels, banks, offices, and clubs that were the grandiose symbols of western commercial power. Spend some time browsing on Nanjing Road, dubbed the Time Square of Shanghai. After lunch, ride a charter bus to Suzhou, which is often referred to by the Chinese as the "Venice of the East.” Tour one of the finest gardens in Suzhou, China in the Master of the Nets Garden. It is recognized with other classical Suzhou gardens as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The garden demonstrates Chinese garden designers' adept skills for synthesizing art, nature, and architecture to create unique metaphysical masterpieces. The Master of the Nets is particularly regarded among garden connoisseurs for its mastering the techniques of relative dimension, contrast, foil, sequence and depth, and borrowed scenery. Then, we’ll visit Suzhou Embroidery Institute, which is famous for its beautiful patterns, elegant colors, variety of stitches, and consummate craftsmanship. Its stitching is meticulously skillful, coloration subtle and refined. Suzhou artists are able to use more than 40 needlework and 1,000 different types of threads to make flower, bird, animal and garden embroideries. After dinner, you may take an optional cruise on the Grand Canal (see Optional Activities).

Day 3, Wednesday - Suzhou & Nanjing
After breakfast, we visit the silk factory and for an enjoyable Silk Fashion Show. After lunch, we will arrive at the ancient capital of Nanjing by charter bus. Situated at the foot of the second peak of Mount Zijin (Purple Mountain) in Nanjing, we’ll visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum. Construction of the tomb started in January 1926 and was finished in the Spring of 1929. Sun Yat-sen, considered to be the "Father of Modern China" both in mainland China and in Taiwan, fought against the imperial Qing government and founded the Republic of China after the 1911 revolution ended the monarchy. After dinner, walk through the Confucius Temple Street, where you may find interesting trinkets and scrumptious local snacks.

Day 4, Thursday - Nanjing & Wuxi
After breakfast, we visit the Yangtze River Bridge that is the first to be built across the Yangtze River in Nanjing. It was completed in 1968 and is the first double-decker, double-track highway and railway bridge designed and constructed by the Chinese without foreign engineering assistance. Then visit the Crystal Mural shop and view the creative works of delicate crystal bottles. Shortly after, the Ming Dynasty City Wall with 600 years of history awaits our arrival followed by the Jade Museum visit. After lunch,we will take a charter bus to Wuxi, "The Land of Fish and Rice”, where you will experience the larger than life film site of the highly acclaimed TV series “Three Kingdoms.” Next, take the ancient cruise on Lake Tai, the third largest freshwater lake in China. Lake Tai is linked to the renowned Grand Canal and houses 90 islands, ranging in size from a few square meters to several square miles. Here you can relish the scenery of the tranquil lake. Finally, we stop by the Red Porcelain Museum where you can learn to pick up the skill of pottery making (see Optional Activities).

Day 5, Friday - Wuxi & Hangzhou
After breakfast, visit Li Garden adjacent to the northern shore of Li Lake and named after Minister Fan Li of China's Chun & Qiu imperial period. During this time 2,400 years ago, legend has it that the Minister was believed to have been boating on the lake together with one of the four beauties of the ancient world, Xi Shi. The garden is uniquely designed and surrounded by waters on all three sides. Artificial rock mountains, rolling hills, and ancient Chinese architecture can be found within the park. Following Li Garden is a chance to admire freshwater pearls. After lunch,we arrive at Hangzhou, which is often referred to as “Paradise on Earth.” Hangzhou offers vivid scenic spots around West Lake such as "Fish on Flower Harbor" and "Singing Orioles in the Willows." Later, you may find interesting antiquities on Old China Street and He Fang Street over light-humored bargaining. After dinner,enjoy the West Lake Night Show (see Optional Activities) which depicts a memorable romantic love story.   

Day 6, Saturday - Hangzhou & Shanghai
After breakfast, we start the day off on a cruise of the picturesque West Lake, which was created from a pearl that belonged to a phoenix and a dragon and proclaimed by the Chinese as “The Landscape Composed by a Painter.” Stroll along the lake's causeways and immerse yourself in its beauty. No tour to Hangzhou is complete without experiencing the world renowned Meijiawu Dragon Well Tea Garden. The first picked tea leaves of the new harvest or “royal tea” were once reserved solely for the Emperor and transported to him via the Grand Canal. The traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony will be demonstrated followed by a sample of authentic tea. The smooth appearance, fragrant aroma and sweet taste will be on full display. After lunch, we head back to Shanghai for a relaxing foot massage followed bydinner and a cruise tour of Huangpu River which provides a gorgeous night view of beautiful Shanghai (see Optional Activities).

Day 7, Sunday - Explore Shanghai
Explore the city or join the Water Village Zhujiajiao tour (see Optional Activities).

Day 8, Monday - Continue Your Journey
After breakfast, prepare to continue your journey in other parts of China or board your return flight and take home everlasting memories. If you wish to end your stay in China after the tour, please depart Shanghai between 8AM-noon on Monday, as we provide free airport transfer during those times. Outside of these hours, we recommend taking a taxi which is very convenient.

Optional Activities
Cruise on the Grand Canal, Suzhou - $30/person
West Lake Night Show, Hangzhou - $30/person
Impression of West Lake, Hangzhou - $55/person
Red Porcelain Pottery Making - $30/person
Huangpu River Night Cruise - 30/person
Water Village Zhujiajiao Tour - $30/person
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Our recommendation is to arrive on day 1 of the tour. If you are departing from the United States, you'll need to leave a day early. So for this tour, please depart the U.S. on Sunday and arrive in Shanghai on Monday. If you arrive between 2PM-10PM local time, we can provide free airport-hotel transfer.

For departure, you are more than welcome to stay in China and explore. However, if you wish to end your stay in China after the tour, please depart Shanghai between 8AM-noon on the following Monday, as we provide free airport transfer at those times. Outside of these hours, we recommend taking a taxi which is very convenient.