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  China Travel Made Easy. Save up to 50% on travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and other cities in the land of the Panda.

4 Day Beijing Explorer

For the culturally industrious, discover the heart of China’s history, arts and politics on a four-day journey through a city where the old and modern co-exist.

5 Day Beijing Discovery

If a little bit more time is what you need to take in the culture and perfect the art of wrapping Peking duck with just your chopsticks, then a five-day discovery package will leave you refined and dexterous.

7 Day Beijing Immersion

If being able to lose yourself in movement and tranquility by learning the art of Taichi, and then getting lost in Beijing’s network of Hutongs are more up your alley, then this seven-day package gives you the complete immersive experience.

8 Day Shanghai Region 5 City Journey

With lights that rival those of Times Square, a skyline that could have been transported from outer space, and restaurants that have perfected the art of making soup dumplings, Shanghai is the city that screams modern and perfection.

9 Day Beijing-Shanghai 4 City Odyssey

Only have a limited amount of time, but want to travel to China’s most visited cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou?